DAV Sr. Sec. Public School

Nagrota Surian, Teh. - Jawali, Kangra H.P. - 176027

Swami Dayanchand’s Words  
The Vedas are the inheritance of all mankind.
truth is only one and for all. So also is the light of Vedas for all.As there is one God, so there is one revelation and religion for all.Be a thinker and but also be a doer: Be a soul but be also a man.Be servant of god but be a master of nature.An Arya should always be Ready to accept truth and renounce what is not so. make the world a living place foe the worthy and the noble. Though I was born in Arya Varta and live in it.
....I treat the foreigners in the same way as my own countrymen, so for as the elevation of human race is concerned
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DAV Sr. Sec. Public School
P.O Nagrota Surian at Suknara
Teh - Jawali, Kangra
Himachal Pradessh - 176027
E-mail : [email protected]

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