DAV Sr. Sec. Public School

Nagrota Surian, Teh. - Jawali, Kangra H.P. - 176027

Code Of Conduct  

  • Maintain strict discipline in and outside the classroom , in vans and public places too.
  • Regularity in attendance and punctuality on all school function is deemed obligatory for them.
  • Irregular attendance habitual negligence in studies, disobedience, dishonesty or any other conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for dismissal, suspension or fie.
  • They must show respect to the teacher and carry out their instruction most faithfully and not to loitering their vacant periods and use vulgar or abusive language.
  • They must be friendly and courteous to all visitors / Strangers and polite to each other.
  • They are required not to damage school property. Any damage done to school property is recoverable from defaulter.
  • No students is allowed to leave the school or meet outsider/ ex-students during school hours without permission.
  • Cellular or mobile phones are strictly prohibited in school premises.
  • Students must come to school neatly attired in the school uniform. If not they are liable to pay fine and can be sent back home by the class teachers.
  • They are expected to greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them and should observe good manner wherever they are.
  • The school is judged by the conduct of students, so they must possess exemplary manners and behave in a dignified manner.


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DAV Sr. Sec. Public School
P.O Nagrota Surian at Suknara
Teh - Jawali, Kangra
Himachal Pradessh - 176027
E-mail : [email protected]

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