DAV Sr. Sec. Public School
Nagrota Surian, Teh. - Jawali, Kangra H.P. - 176027
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School Uniform  




  • Shirt blue Full/half sleeve with tie collar
  • Shirt blue Full/half sleeve with tie collar
  • Trousers Medium grey
  • Tunic up to class 111 medium grey, square neck square plaited
  • Sweater V shaped grey colour
  • Skirt Medium grey well plaited divided class 1V onwards
  • Socks Grey summer/ winter
  • Sweater V shaped grey colour
  • Shoes Black Without design
  • Socks Grey summer / winter
  • Handkerchief Plain
  • Handkerchief plain Blazer Grey Woolen
  • Blazer Grey woolen



All the students will wear white dress with house T- shirt and Pt shoes on Wednesday Saturdays.During games period , it is compulsory to wear white socks, with PT shoes. Girls will use white ribbons.Tie, belt badges will not be supplied from school. Parents are also advised to buy only the prescribed shade of trousers/ skirts from the market. Exercise books/ note books are supplied from school up to class VIII.